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The idea behind PreventiPod  comes from the current practice of the French Social Security System concerning preventive health check ups.

These health check ups consist of a series of medical tests and body measurements followed by a session with a health provider. In order to conduct these tests and measurements properly, equipment and personnel spread out in several rooms of the clinic are required. As a result there are often waiting lines at each room or station resulting in loss of time for the patient. A check up may require half a day to complete.


In summary, this type of organization requires a lot of space and personnel while leading to ineffective use of time for the patient.

Recent advances in medical technology now allow many of these examinations to be conducted outside the clinic without the direct intervention of medical personnel. By grouping certain portable tests and measurements in a single cabin or  pod , health check ups can be accomplished more rapidly from the time the patient is registered in the system.


The registration procedure is carried out by an operator who can correlate personal data such as social security number with photographs and biometric information (permitting ocular or palmar identification, for example). This data allows the patient to be identified upon entering the PreventiPod  and to benefit from the program of tests and measurements.

The tests to be carried out include blood pressure, cardiac rhythm, pulmonary tests, vision and hearing.

Two methods can be envisioned :


the measurements and tests are carried out sequentially, with the testing equipment being presented during the session and then replaced in their receptacles after usage : Example


the measurements and tests are carried out during the course of a 3D game session, with the patient outfitted in a suit and helmet that has built-in testing equipment.

In both cases, the test and measurement results are sent to the patient's primary health care provider via secure electronic means. The confidentiality of the patient is respected at all times. In no case are the results intended to represent a stand alone diagnosis but rather to give the Provider complimentary information. The patient may obtain a copy of the results upon request.


Mobile or stationary, the PreventiPod   is conceived to welcome all adults including those in wheelchairs or with hearing or visual impairments. All directions for use are transmitted through both written and audible means, with appropriate screens and loudspeakers incorporated into the internal walls of the pod.

The PreventiPod  may be set up at worksites (large companies, oil platforms, power stations, industrial sites, etc) or in residential locations (retirement centers, vacation spots, etc) and may even be mobilized to medically under-served areas or to serve isolated populations not able to make it into the city.


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